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About Global Trade Fair: Midlands

Global Trade Fair is a new initiative by the West Midlands Economic Forum, in conjunction with UKTI-WM, designed to bring companies and businesses from the local region into direct contact with UKTI offices as well as importers and exporters from the principal trading partners of the Midlands.

Export growth in the West Midlands over the past two years has been vibrant and GTF aims to provide exporters with the opportunity to sustain this robust performance and introduce new markets or cement relationships with existing ones.

Through the use of the latest video conferencing and webinar facilities, GTF can put you in immediate contact with potential clients to understand their requirements and for you to explain your aspirations. With access to the UKTI international advisory framework, GTF allows you to gain insight into these markets and identify the means by which you can deepen your market penetration.


Email: info@globaltradefair.co.uk

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